John’s had the pleasure of coaching both worship leaders and professional piano players.
Below are some testimonies. If you’re interested in some coaching –  reach out.

Having almost no experience in worship leading, I learned so much from John. He modeled for me what it means to lead the church both musically and pastorally and gave me regular opportunities to grow in that. Now pursuing full-time ministry as a worship pastor, I’ve no doubt been profoundly shaped by John’s leadership and am grateful for his investment in me!”


Before working with John, I confess I was pretty rigid as a worship leader. I didn’t like how I got frustrated at team members so I hoped to grow my leadership skills. John modeled so much humility and strength as a leader and showed me how to lead with greater flexibility and greater empowerment. He helped me identify the root causes of my frustrations and discussed skills that I could practice each time I led worship. Before John, I had also realized that our congregation had grown too comfortable with our worship style. We weren’t helping our congregants learn how other believers from across the world or in our own community connected with God in worship. I wanted to help our congregation try new forms of worship. With a background in jazz and blues, John modeled how to teach a worship team and pastor a congregation towards adopting different styles into their worship of God. If you’re looking to grow as a worship leader or to find a mentor for your worship leader – both for your worship team’s sake and your congregation’s sake – John is your guy! It’s been a joy to learn from him.


As a jazz musician I was used to doing things free form. With John’s help, I became much more organized in worship planning and was able to musically connect transitions between songs. His help has been invaluable! Not only is John one of the best musicians I know, he also has a heart for Christ and seeing His church flourish! An amazing resource, and friend.


John develops leaders in a manner that balances excellence and learning while facilitating growth in musicianship and connection in community. In my time under John’s leadership I was challenged to improve not only my craft but how I communicated the message of Christ to others using music as a medium. John is adept in leading alongside his team while casting a vision. He prioritizes integrity and transparency, and combines excellence with authentic joy as he uses his expertise and experience to direct others toward the Gospel.